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Merrin Torpy, Singing Teacher

Take Singing Lessons near Melbourne CBD with our singing teacher, Merrin Torpy.

Merrin’s musical life is a tree with many branches. She is a classical singer with a passion for art song recital. Merrin also plays the accordion in Western Swing band, The Tequila Mockingbirds or playing the Bb tuba in the Moreland City Marching Band. She has appeared as a soloist in performances with Morning Melodies (Hamer Hall 2015), Cordelia’s Potted Operas (Suor Angelica 2017; Welcome to Spring 2016; Opera Highlights 2016), Melbourne University Chamber Choir, Melbourne University Baroque Ensemble, The Early Arts Guild of Victoria, Bendigo Chamber Choir (Messiah 2012), Bendigo Theatre Company (Les Miserables), Port Fairy Folk Festival (The Tequila Mockingbirds; Unwanted Men in Black and a Lady), The Boite World Music Cafe (Estuary Three Jazz/Tango band), Beechworth Celtic Festival and Guildford Banjo Jamboree. Merrin is currently studying speech pathology at the University of Melbourne as well as teaching and performing and writing.

Merrin has a deep knowledge of vocal technique and anatomy and an interest in a wide variety of musical styles. She has a passion for vocal pedagogy including knowledge and experience in teaching AMEB and VCE. She has a flexible, student-specific teaching approach, a love of music and creates a fun and safe learning environment. Merrin has a desire to help students unlock their potential, an ear for detail, elementary piano and piano accordion skills. She also has a love of drama, acting and emotional intent in singing, ability to work both as part of a team and to be self-motivated. Merrin has performance experiences in many and varied musical styles from tango to Renaissance lute song, cabaret, music theatre, recital repertoire and opera.

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Merrin is currently teaching singing lessons at our Melbourne 3004 studio, in 1 Roy Street, Melbourne 3004.

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