Theory Lessons Melbourne

Our violin teacher, Maxim Sheko is offering theory lessons at our Melbourne Studio.

Maxim is keen to teach entire theory lessons for those who wish to have them. He is passionate about music theory and believe that it is an essential area of knowledge for one to become a true musician with the fullest understanding. By understanding music theory students can comprehend the harmony of the music they play which reveals the meaning, philosophy and expression behind the notes. By understanding the rules of written music, students are enabled with the possibility to compose or arrange music. Maxim has come from a composition background and his understanding of music theory has been valuable in helping him compose his music. An understanding of theoretical concepts enables students to more quickly understand and grasp the concepts of new pieces they are learning on an instrument which makes the learning the process a lot more natural and seamless. Having an understanding of theory also makes it is far easier for students to sight read which is a highly valuable and useful skill if they wish to play in an orchestra or other ensemble.


Maxim is currently teaching theory at our Melbourne 3004 studio, at 1 Roy Street, Melbourne 3004.