Music Lessons and Policies


At Melbourne Music Education, we offer lessons on a weekly, fortnightly or casual basis.

We provide services in a respectful and diligent manner and in order for students’ to gain the best out of their lessons, the students’ should agree and respect our policies prior to registering:


At the lessons: Please arrive to lessons on time or at least 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled lesson time. Parents also have the option to sit during the lesson. This is encouraged particularly for younger students’ support and motivation, whilst also respecting the teacher’s approach. Our teachers’ have a busy schedule and therefore lesson times may not be extended for late arrivals.

Tuition and Fees:

Our fees for each instrument as of 2022 are as follows:

30 minutes – $50

45 minutes – $65

60 minutes – $80

We recommend the following packages for each student:

30 minutes: Suitable for children under 7 taking beginner lessons.

45 minutes: Suitable for children over 7 and children considering taking exams or at the standard up until Grade 4. Also suitable for adult beginners.

60 minutes: Suitable for children taking exams or a the standard from Grade 5 and above. Also suitable for adult beginners who would like to progress faster and adult students who are interested in taking exams.

In order to maintain the concepts necessary for each level, it is recommended that students take weekly lessons and practise on a daily basis.

Students have the option to pay for casual or ongoing lessons. We accept payment mainly by online bank transfer. Cash payments are accepted only at our main Melbourne 3004 music Studio. All other music studios must be paid via online bank transfer.

After the first trial lesson, all lessons must be paid upfront of at least 4 lessons ahead on the following lesson. Please note: tuition fees are non-refundable.

Lessons are to be paid either prior to the scheduled lesson or within 3 days since the lesson took place. When payment has not been received on the lesson day, you will receive a reminder via email or SMS. If a payment has not be made 7 days since the last lesson took place, the director and the teacher will not proceed to provide further lessons until payment has been received.

Cancellations/Missed lessons:

We require at least 12 hours notice before the scheduled lesson time for any lesson to be cancelled. If you cancel your appointment at least 12 hours notice, students have the option to have their lessons rescheduled according to the teacher’s availability.

If cancellation is less than 12 hours notice, rescheduling is not possible. Students will only have the option of attending their scheduled lesson or otherwise the lesson will be forfeited and charged. Exceptions may be made in the case of sudden illness and accidents at the discretion of the teacher provided notification is given to both the director and the teacher. Exceptions will not be made for scheduling conflicts.


The teacher will recommend books and materials that are suitable for the student which are available for purchase at the studio (if available) or at your local music bookstore. It is a requirement that all students bring their own instruments, books, written materials and note book for practise methods to their lessons.

Public Holidays:

It is optional if students would like lessons during public holidays, depending on the teacher’s availability.

If you have further enquiries, check our FAQ’s or Contact Us.